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Frank Carlo Jr.

What's up! I'm Frank and I'm a big time foodie, amateur home cook, and amateur photographer in the best city in the world, New York City!

I've had an obsession with food for a long time but I was a pretty picky eater when I was young. My diet actually consisted of a lot of grilled cheeses (packed with American cheese) and gallons of chocolate milk. Occasionally a few hot dogs and burgers, a ton of cereal, and sugar filled toaster pastries...I was...am a little on the heavy side (LOL). All I ate was basically processed junk. I used to be so picky that all I would eat from local Chinese restaurants were fries drenched in ketchup. Yup. Oh, and I haaaaated dumplings. Let's just say, I've had a newfound love for dim sum.

Fast forward to my late teens and my palette decided to open up (must be a late bloomer).  I actually give most of the credit to my wife for really opening me up. It wasn't until we started dating that I (maybe her) forced me to try new things. I'll get more into that later. As for now, let me explain my cooking background. It all started with my mom (cue flashback clouds). Remember how I said I occasionally ate burgers? Well, the occasional burger started to become at least weekly....if not every other day. My mom got sick of cooking them for me and basically made me start cooking for myself. This led to me experimenting with flavors and other foods. Aaaaaand with experimenting comes failure so there were a few raw-er...not-so-cooked meats. For the most part I ate everything I cooked.  ​


Being in the kitchen was always natural to me. It's where I spent most of my time, especially when I would visit my aunt upstate. She cooked more quirky foods and made me eat my vegetables. I didn't mind because she was the cool aunt, but bleh, younger me didn't care for asparagus too much. I would always just stare at her cook and embrace the aromatics filling up the kitchen air. Ah, what feels like nostalgia.  ​ 


Snapping back to the present, I'm a hispanic mid-twenties millennial married to a French-Polish foodie who has brought me from eating processed American cheese product, (yeah folks it literally says "cheese product") to goat cheese, the funky St. Andre, and my oh so buttery favorite: Saint-Felicien which I can only find in Europe. It breaks my heart. My wife's name is Marie-Alix, super French name for a French product fanatic. She's broaden my horizon from Chinese restaurant fries to sushi, dim sum, ramen, and our absolute favorite Thai food!!! I know that's very broad but my favorite dishes are their curries, golden curry puffs, and Rama (peanut sauce smothered in anything is delicious, let's be real). Speaking of curries: wow. Indian, Thai, and Japanese curries. I'll take a dish of each and be extremely content.  ​ 


I clearly have a lot to say about myself but why bore you when I can show you some recipes and some of my favorite spots to eat at in NYC.  ​

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