Bridie's (Queens)

I've passed this local eatery PLENTY of times, always overlooking this corner pub. My dad even mentioned it a few times when we were struggling with brunch spots. I was just looked at it and thought "meh". This led me to always going to Forest Hills.

Here we are on a Sunday morning, bored and hungry as you can be. We hopped in the car and with little hesitation, we went to Bridie's (my dad's recommendation of course).

It was empty and looked cozy, a spot I was sure I'd visit again. We tried to sit by the window to get some of the beautiful natural light peeping in. Of course, the spot was reserved (Sunday football fans). So we went to the back, which I gotta say, is a very spacious place. Finally found a nice table with some nice sun-light light pouring onto it.

We weren't too thrilled about the hopping around but we were just hungry and cranky, you know what I'm talking about. We ordered our food and drinks and began to wait.

It wasn't long.

It was worth the wait in every way.

Take a look.

Mmm! Crispy yet fluffy home fries. A side salad with mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. And of course, the chicken club sandwich with juicy grilled chicken breast, bacon, spicy mayo, lettuce, onion, and tomato!

Yes. This is one of their brunch entree's that includes coffee/tea AND a Bloody Mary/Mimosa/Screwdriver for get this...$13.95

Pack your bags and head over here every weekend. Not many places you can find such an affordable and delicious meal.

I added my own salt & pepper to the 'taters.

Everything was great on it's own but even better when stuffed altogether in my mouth. It was a delicious meal that filled me up and felt a little healthy.

Overall: 7.8

By the way, those screwdrivers we're about the size of a beer. We were feeling great and ordered a few more drinks after. This led to ordering more food.

Can you see how crispy these wings are?!

Normally I (and basically everyone I know) prefer my wings crispy adpnd drenched in sauce, excluding dry rubbed wings of course. My parents on the other hand prefer to have it on the side so they can dip it instead. Hence the plain crispy wings and the 3 sauces. Speaking of sauces, they have 12 to choose from. We chose 3 since there were 3 of us. My dad ordered BBQ, I asked for the Sticky Honey Garlic, and my wife got the Carolina Tangy Gold.

The BBQ sauce was your average sauce. Great balance of sweet and smoky with a slight tang. It was good but at the end of the plate, there was probably only BBQ sauce left.

That Sticky Honey Garlic though. Oof. That was a great sauce by itself. I found myself just dipping my finger in it and enjoying the taste! Fantastic flavor of garlic bursting in your mouth while the taste of honey just takes it home. This is a great sauce for practically anything on their wide menu.

Finally, the Carolina Tangy Gold. The waitress described this as a mustard based BBQ sauce. I love mustard on a lot of things so I thought this would be interesting. Let's just say it lives up to the tangy name. While you can taste the mustard base, you still get that sweetness you want in a dipping sauce or ya know, drenched on some super crispy wings.

Rating time:

  • Plain wings: 6.1/10

  • BBQ: 5/10

  • Sticky Honey Garlic: 8.3/10

  • Carolina Tangy Gold: 7.6/10

Somehow we were still hungry...

We called over the waitress, got some more drinks, and ordered up some mussels.

They have a few flavors (broths) to choose from such as:

  1. Coconut Curry

  2. Spicy Bacon Tomato

  3. White Truffle Wine

  4. White Garlic Wine

  5. Sriracha

  6. Marina

I wanted the spicy bacon but I was outvoted. We wound up with the coconut curry, which my dad was skeptical about but it was pretty damn good.

These juicy and perfectly steamed mussels were a good medium size which I find to be the best. Not too chewy and a great taste.

For me, I found the broth to be a bit too creamy. I prefer a thinner broth even though I like to scoop up whatever is left with a broken shell and slurp it up. A whole loaf of some semolina bread also helps! Which brings me to the few slices thrown on top. C'mon. That's just too little, especially for a table of 3. I rationed my little slice until I was sure I was having my last few bites. I was still extremely satisfied with the meal, as was everyone else. We may have been going at it like rabid dogs but that should tell you something.

Overall: 7.4/10

Bridie's is a wonderful Queens pub that I'm very happy to review. I've been there every weekend since my first visit.


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