Empire Cake

I'm not sure about you readers, but I'm more of a sweets before dinner kind of guy. Baked pastries or ooey gooey decadent chocolate goodness. Mmm! As a child, I may have only eaten the desserts at family gatherings, hehe. Now I'm an adult with a more "developed" palate. I'm often trying to find awesome sweet spots to give me another cavity. That's when this creative and delicious bakery in Chelsea, Manhattan caught my line of vision.

Today I bring you to...Empire Cake!

When I first heard about this place, what really caught my interest was, get this, their Red Velvet Snack Cake. Imagine a red velvet sponge cake drenched in white chocolate and stuffed with a delicious cream cheese filling. You can clean up the drool and lose yourself in the snack cake now.

Drool wiped away? Good.

It's because of this little fella that I ALWAYS go down to Empire Cake when I'm even remotely within a 2-mile radius of it. They also have seasonal flavors such as pumpkin and apple pie, which you can safely assume are delicious. Unfortunately when I took a trip out there for one of their "slice of the day" cake slices, they ran out of Pumpkin Snack Cake but I was able to snag an Apple Pie Snack Cake. Take a look.

Just like my favorite snack, it was pretty darn good. It too was covered in a yummy white chocolate and stuffed with an Apple Pie filling. Mmm. Such an Autumn treat.

Of the two, I definitely say get *drum roll* both of them! Who wants to miss out on a seasonal treat and the red velvet is an always must buy.

Red Velvet Snack Cake: 5/5

Apple Pie Snack Cake: 4/5

If you're in a rush and happen to get there before their snack cakes are ready, I would suggest you indulge in their reasonably priced (just $1!) mini red velvet cakes. The same deliciousness that you just pop into your mouth like the perfect snack sized bites they are.

These little suckers get a 5/5 for me. The perfect affordable little snack to eat on the go in the city that doesn't wait.

As if Empire Cake didn't sound great already, another seasonal treat they have to offer is a Pumplin Pie Bar. I'm all for pies in the shape of a bar. It makes it a bit easier to eat with your hands (cue flashback to when I ate a cheesecake slice with my hands outside in public).

This pumpkin pie bar is drizzled in caramel and a dollop of whipped cream. While it didn't remind me of the comforting pie served on a Thanksgiving plate, it did capture the essence of pumpkin spice. Would I buy it again, probably not. You can taste the effort to fulfill your pumpkin needs but it just wasn't for me. Perhaps it was lacking something. For me, I give this adorable little square a 3/5.

Now for the reason I trekked to 14th street after work. Empire Cake's slice of the day.I have been wanting a slice of this cake for a long time, the flavor: Pistachio Praline. A gorgeous 3 layer cake flavored with 2 of my favorite nuts. I even brought home 3 slices because I was just so excited to taste it! I ended up giving a slice to my father and my wife. We all came to the same consensus.


The cake itself, while moist and light, was a little lackluster. The frosting and filling is a pistachio buttercream that was more butter than actual pistachio. The flavor

was faint. As for the praline part, which is what I was most excited for, it was ex tremely faint. Probably around 2 pralines in the slice. So unfortunately I'm rating this cake a 2/5.

Make your own judgement at this really creative bakery. Like I said, I always make time to visit when I'm in the area. I tell everyone to go and grab a sweet treat!

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