Local Press (Queens) 

Had it not been for a friend looking for something specifically in Ozone Park to grab lunch at, I would've never heard about this place. It's located conveniently by the train and definitely sees some traffic as it's by a busy street, but I still wouldn't have even walked by it (it's actually on the way home).

This local eatery is called Local Press.

I believe it is run by a married couple with the wife managing the front of the house while the husband runs the kitchen. This definitely adds some brownie points in my book just because I aspire to do the same.

They have great happy hour deals ($3 draft and bottled beer) and all around great food. They're definitely doing something right because my wife and I have made it our mission to walk the mile distance a few times a week, just to sit in our usual spot and enjoy.

Their Press Platter is a must if it's your first time. It's a nice platter of their crispy fried goodies such as: mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, crispy shrimp, and onion rings. All delicious stuff.

As for their draft beers, they switch up at least one of the taps making me believe it may be a seasonal tap. My only issue with their draft system is that every time I've ordered a glass, it seems to be flat. My second drink of choice ends up being from the bottle since it's the same price.

I also wish they worked with a Queens brewery just to really keep that local shtick. That's just me though. Onto the food!

Let's start with their burger.

This is the second time I ordered a burger, the first time not being so impressed. Unfortunately, I got the same impression the second time around. I ordered their Roadside Burger (melted American cheese, caramelized onions, shredded lettuce, Local Press secret sauce). As I do with every burger, I ordered it cooked to medium. This is where it sort of goes awry.

It tasted burnt. The actual burger was juicy and pink but it's as if the burners are on too high, burning the outside.

They use deliciously soft Martin's Potato Bread for the buns (personal favorite). The caramelized onions are a great topping opposed to raw red/white onions, although I do enjoy the bite of raw red onion every now and then. American Cheese is alright but I prefer the option of Cheddar, mainly because I'm not a fan of "cheese product".

Juicy burger with a lot of potential. Just need to work on the burnt taste.

Their fries are absolutely delicious though! Especially with their secret sauce. I order a side of it for everything. It goes great on literally everything. The fries are super crispy and not dripping in oil, so that's nice for a restaurant labeling themselves as "fast food".

The sauce tastes like it could be a well seasoned mayo & ketchup mix. Whatever it is, just keep it coming!


Roadside Burger: 4.9/10

It's hard to get over the burnt taste.

Fries: 7/10

Speaking of fries, let's talk about the loaded fries!

These crispy loaded fellas are absolutely delicious! Smothered in cheese, bacon, and hit with some scallions. Mmm. Only thing that could make these better is some of their secret sauce. Cue the drool factor.

Overall: 8.3/10

Bringing the background to the foreground with some amazing fish tacos.

These fried pieces of beer battered cod thrown in a wrap, smothered in Chipotle mayo, pickled micro greens, and tomatoes are my absolute favorite fish tacos I've ever had! So full of flavor with the perfect crunch and soft blow with the heated wrap. Gives it that authentic taco taste and feel.

I tend to come back for these. They're that good! They also don't make you feel full nor do they taste like a frozen fish patty.

Overall: 9.3/10

Next, up a limited time special:

Buffalo Chicken Egg rolls

My wife and I were excited to try out this new special (they also had avocado wontons but had just ran out). We're all for Buffalo chicken and egg rolls so it sounded like an interesting menu item.

They were pretty good. I wouldn't have minded if it had more of a kick but it was enjoyable and you can definitely taste the Buffalo sauce.

Overall: 6.4/10

I find that Local Press does great fried items and has great prices. My wife usually orders herself a salad which is great, portion wise and she says they taste good! I just tend to go for the heavier option.

If they could work on their burnt burger taste, I would recommend it, but until then I definitely recommend their other options.

Local Press offers a versatile menu and you can taste the love they put into their food.

Support a local business. Stop on in and enjoy their happy hour with their Press Platter. You'll leave happy, I promise.

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