Murray's Mac & Cheese

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Imagine a whole store dedicated to macaroni and cheese. Can you feel the warmth and comfort of the golden cheesy goodness? Here, let me show you what I'm talking about, but before I do that, this isn't your grandma's regular mac and cheese. Welcome to Murray's Mac & Cheese.

Look at that crunchy topping!

As a foodie, I quickly learned to order small things so I can taste and test more of the menu. I ordered a small, get this, French Onion Mac & Cheese ($8). Yup. It was the first option that popped out to me and I'm glad it did.

The store itself is a quaint little corner of a Manhattan block (they're located in Greenwich Village), right next to their actual cheese and meats store (a fromage lovers dream), which is ALSO right next to their own fondue restaurant. Murray's clearly has a store for your every craving.

Back to the food that had me saying "wow" after every bite.

For the pasta itself, they partnered with a Brooklyn founded company called Sfoglini, using their radiator pasta. This is such an excellent move because:

1. It supports another local business and keeps it real, New York.

2. The unique radiator pasta, unlike the traditional macaroni elbows, traps and grabs the ooey gooey cheese so much better! Thus giving you more cheese for your bite.

You're probably wondering what kind of cheese is used in this French Onion Mac. It's no "cheese product" and certainly nothing off the shredded cheese section. Murray's uses Gruyere and Raclette for this specific dish. The use of Raclette cheese is such a good choice (makes me rethink my own mac and cheese recipe) because it's one of those cheeses commonly used for melting, so why NOT use a melting cheese in a hot bowl of mac. Gruyere is a yummy cheese in general, it has that sweet and slightly salty taste you crave in...pretty much everything.

Drowning in these two cheeses are bacon bits (because bacon makes everything better) and caramelized onions. Deconstructed, the ingredients in this dish are lip smacking, now envision them all hitting your taste buds at the same time. Oh, and each bowl is topped with what tastes and feels like some sort of seasoned panko bread crumbs. Always need a nice crunch with your mac.

Reviewing this dish, a few days after devouring it, makes my mouth salivate and has me craving more of their options. Each bite had me saying "wow" like a robot gaining emotion. Magnificent. The cheese selection is wonderful, especially from a cheese shop selling a few dozen of different cheeses; the radiator pasta is al dente and cooked to perfection; the bacon tastes like it could be chopped up thick cut; and my only gripe would be the caramelized onions! With a name like French Onion, I personally, would've enjoyed more of that onion taste. Caramelized onions are such a nice accent to any dish (burgers especially) but I feel like there was more of a bacon flavor than the actual onion flavor it was named after. Regardless, I would definitely recommend this dish and would get it again myself.

I'm giving this dish: 7.7/10

Again, it's a delicious mac and cheese with the ingredients on point. I just want more of them sweet onions. It's definitely got that cheesy factor though. I mean, look at it!

Go give Murray's Mac & Cheese shop a chance. They have an interesting menu and you can even build your own plate! You won't regret the visit.

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