Neirs Tavern (Queens) 

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Neirs Tavern! "The oldest bar you've never heard of", really does hit the nail on the head. Some of you may or not be aware that this 190 year old bar in Queens was on the brink of shutting it's doors for good. That is until the neighborhood came out and showed love for this local bar (which is home to the set of Goodfellas). With the help of several news outlets and the mayor himself, the local piece of history was declared to keep it's doors open!

When I first heard of it's closing, it struck a chord with me because this was where I had my first Finback Brewery beer. It's what opened my eyes (and palate) to great beer. On top of that, it was pretty much the only bar really within walking distance.

My family and I always had a great time here. We celebrated my birthday here, enjoyed karaoke night here and there, and always came down to pregame before a flight to our next vacation.

Now, Neirs has added brunch onto their weekend menu and it's about time! I'm glad I was able to make it on their first day.

Let me tell you about my dish:

Eggs Benedict!

Overall: 6.9/10

Usually, a poached eggs slathered in hollandaise over Canadian bacon and an English muffin, isn't my go-to, but something said, "go for it". My wife and dad got some steak & eggs. I'm very happy I ordered what I did because it wasn't the usual Eggs Benedict. This was served on mini pancakes!!!! Such a great vehicle for anything breakfast related, so that really was such a great choice. Every dish also came with what is basically a fried hash brown or latke, which was unexpected but oh so delightful.

I washed it all down with a Finback IPA and was as happy as a bruncher could be.

I do however have a few complaints unfortunately. The brunch menu almost feels like they're nickel and diming me. Every brunch I've come across comes with a complimentary coffee/tea and usually a cocktail. This however, had none of those. On top of that, the portions were a bit small. We all left a little hungry on a $100 tab.

Regardless, you should go on down to Neirs and show some love. Support the local businesses out here and see a piece of history.

This menu was created & cooked by Chef Jesse Consulting LLC. He is bringing a modern flair on some timely classics, in a timeless bar! I hope to taste more of his well seasoned and creative food.

Happy brunching!

*Edit: I do hear they are planning to now include complimentary coffee/tea. Chef Jesse is also working on making sure his diners are leaving full with great tasting food.

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